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Nov, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment does my player need?

Willows Little League provides a Hat and Shirt for all players.  In addition, Minor league and above also receives Pants, Belt and Socks.
  1. Pants, belt and socks in colors to be determined by team coaches - T-Ball and Farm players only
  2. Glove
  3. Rubber cleats
  4. Batting helmet/Bat- Some helmets/bats are provided by WLL for each team but you are welcome to provide your own for your player

When are practices and games scheduled?
March 16, 2024 - T-Ball and Farm League games start.  Opening ceremonies and team/player pictures are also on this day.
March 23, 2024 - Upper League opening ceremonies, team/player pictures and scrimmages.

The 2024 Willows Little League season will run from Mid-March until June (and further out for upper division tournaments)
More to come as schedules are created for the 2024 season.

What programs are offered through Willows Little League?
Willows Little League offers the following Little League approved programs and places players according to their age and skill level:
Age 4-6 - Tee Ball; Coed
Age 6-8 - Coach Pitch/Farm; Coed
Age 8-15 - Baseball (AA, AAA, Majors, Juniors); Coed, though most players are boys.
Age 8-15 - Softball (Minors, Majors, Juniors); Girls only.

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